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Flotation therapy was discovered in 1954 by Dr. John C. Lilly who was a neuroscientist and writer who explored human consciousness. He was the inventor of the world’s first sensory deprivation tank to test what would happen if the brain was deprived of all the sensory information. His studies showed that participants who came out his floating chambers felt the sense of relieve, the sense as they unplugged from a physical world and felt completely calm and relaxed. Some of them even felt epiphanies of personal discovery and self-realization.


Floating has so many benefits that we don't know were to begin. Lets start with number one problems that many of us are dealing: STRESS, DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, PAIN, MUSCLE TENSION, MAGNESIUM DEFICIENCY, INSOMNIA, FIBROMYALGIA and many more. Floating provides significant reduction to all those problems and also increases feelings of relaxation, well-being, energy, focus, inspiration, performance and self-awareness.

Joe Rogan's Experience on Floating

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