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About T-float

T-Float was born November 18, 2019. It turned into a beautiful and sacred place where anyone could enjoy the benefits of salt in a liquid form. Where everyone who is dealing with any type of problems can come and have a totally different and unique experience.

We are locally owned, small family based business. First we heard about floating from Joe Rogan's podcasts, looked into them and had to try them out. From the first float we fell in love. We felt so relaxed and calm, kind of like you feel leaving chiropractors office. At first I didn't feel comfortable getting into the square form chamber that had water inside and close myself in there, as I am afraid of water. But once I did, the water just picked me up and I was on top of it just laying there weightless. Never felt that sensation of anti-gravity and it was a new and cool thing to me. Once I was laying there calm, focusing on my breath, I lost the sensation of water and the only thing I could hear was my heartbeat and my breath. There and then I realized the importance of life.

Three years ago we decided that we should open a flotation center. Went through a lot of changes. Our son was born when we got approved for permits and our daughter was born when we were almost done with construction. T-float became our third baby and we will always treat it that way. We want to welcome our clients and treat them like family and hoping for the same in return. We would like everyone to show respect to our sacred place as we put a lot of love in every corner.

T-float stands for floating in T form with your hands extended to the sides. It represents the strength and the symbol of Ankh, an ancient Egyptian key symbol of life, which is formed by the trunk and the main branches in the form of "T"

Floating in the Sea
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