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Young woman floating in Spa bath or swim

Give yourself a time off and expect to leave relaxed and calm. Expect to unplug your brain from all the problems and worries and see them in a  different perspective. Expect to clear your thoughts and welcome new inspirations. Expect to comfort your pain and discomfort. Expect to unwind and relax afterwards with a cup of tea or coffee and gather your thoughts. Expect to go home and sleep like a baby and welcome a new day refreshed.

We Recomend

Give yourself time and arrive 15 minutes early, so you will feel no rush.

Eat small meal an hour before your float so your tummy doesn't rumble and annoy you.

Avoid caffeine before the float, because you might feel jittery during session.


Avoid shaving 24 hours before float, so do not feel a burning sensation.

What to Bring

  • If wearing contacts, bring a case for contacts as you will need to remove them before a float.

  • Bring comb for long hair.

  • Bring journal to express your artist side or gather your thoughts after.

  • Bring your awesome self and we will take care of the rest.

During Your Float

You will be taking a shower with soap and shampoo to wash off all the body oils and lotions you have on.


We will provide wax ear-plugs, so you will have an option tu use them.


Get into our Dream-pod or Orion cabin, close the door and lay down for the water to pick up and float your mind away.

Lights, music and recorded soft woman's voice will let you know when your session is over.

Carefully make into the shower to rinse off salt off your body. We recommend using just the water, so you will still have lotion like solution on your body and hair to keep on absorbing.

We will provide hair product and hair dryers to dry your hair if you would like.  And join us in the lobby for cup of tea or coffee and relax.

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