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Introducing Our Ionic Foot Bath Service: A Pathway to Renewal and Balance

At T-Float, we're delighted to present our new and revitalizing service - the Ionic Foot Bath. This 30-minute therapeutic experience is designed to enhance your overall well-being by promoting detoxification and restoring balance to your body.

The Benefits:

  1. Detoxification: The Ionic Foot Bath is a gentle and natural way to help your body release toxins through the pores of your feet. This detoxification process can lead to increased energy levels and overall vitality.

  2. Improved Circulation: The negative ions generated in the foot bath may enhance blood flow, helping to transport oxygen and nutrients more efficiently throughout your body.

  3. Stress Reduction: As you soak your feet, you'll find the experience deeply relaxing. This can be particularly beneficial after a Float session, as it complements the state of tranquility achieved during the float.

  4. Balanced Energy: Many individuals report feeling more balanced and centered after an Ionic Foot Bath. It may help alleviate feelings of imbalance and restore your overall energy flow.


Pricing and Reservations:

The Ionic Foot Bath experience is priced at $45 for a 30-minute session. To reserve your appointment, please contact our friendly staff, who will be happy to assist you in finding the perfect time for your session.

Best When Combined with a Float Session:

While our Ionic Foot Bath is a standalone service, it's particularly effective when experienced after a Float session. The float experience creates a deep state of relaxation and receptivity, making it an ideal prelude to the Ionic Foot Bath. Together, these services offer a holistic wellness journey that's bound to leave you feeling refreshed, renewed, and balanced.

Embrace the opportunity to restore harmony and detoxify your body with our Ionic Foot Bath service at T-Float. We look forward to helping you embark on a path to wellness and renewal.

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