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with your senses

We offer 60 or 90 minute flotation therapy in Magnesium Epsom salt solution.


Step into our spacious custom built pod or cabin that holds 10 inches of water and 900-1300lb Pharmaceutical grade Magnesium Sulfate Epsom Salt that are created to reach the state of weightlessness and let your body and mind unwind.


We are creating a small paradise that will allow each and every one of you to escape from everyday buzziness.

Spa Bath Salt
Why float?

Floating has many physical and mental benefits. Immersing your body in our specifically created solution allows you to feel weightless  as you are floating in a space.


Relieves from everyday pressure that your body is used to sitting in the office chair, playing sports or even laying in bed. As your body no longer feels gravitational pressure, your mind relaxes and everything else follows.


Floating lowers stress by reducing cortisol levels in the brain, relieves physical pain, enhances athletic performance, decreases anxiety and depression and also improves sleep and creativity. 

It helps to calm nervous system and enhances body's natural ability to heal.

Yoga by the Ocean
We are located in Lyons

8647 Ogden Ave

Lyons, IL 60534

Call 708.487.0407

Text 708.539.3487

Located on busy Ogden Ave, close to 1st Ave and I 55 highway, perfect and easy to access location.

We have 5 parking spots in the back of a building or could park on a side of a building on Konrad St.

We are open by Appointment only.

If you would like to come and visit us, give us a call at 708.487.0407 or text at 708.539.3487

10AM           6PM
10AM           6PM
10AM           6PM
10AM           6PM
10AM           6PM
10AM           6PM
10AM           6PM
Appointment Hours
Members have an option to book 8AM and 8PM

Private parties and late night flows are also available, call, text or e-mail for availability

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